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 Our Journal

We are Proud Army family here at casa Walter and service to others is a foundational element in our lives. It’s something we strongly believe in and instill in our kiddos and something we strive to do through our business. Between my side and Brian’s, we’ve had generations of service members fight for our freedoms and we thank God for those freedoms every day. But so many serve in other ways too; EMT’s hold a special place in my heart (I once was one in another life, way before kids and life kicked in) and after our house fire, how can we not appreciate the amazingly crazy danger Fire Fighters put themselves in, to save others, or hell, even stuff. I’ll talk more about our fire later, but it was one of the most traumatic things we’ve ever been through and I can’t thank that team (3 trucks worth) of firefighters for rescuing our pups and saving what they could of our house.

To give what we can in ways that we can, we are honored to offer a discount on all of our wedding collections for all military service members, first responders (EMT, Fire, Police) and Front Line Health Care Workers (cause, COVID – amiright?) so please share with us your journey in these fields so we can serve you best.

And thank you.

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