January 4, 2022

Christmas Engagement Session


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 Our Journal

They sat down with their coffee and instinctively had to touch. They held each other’s pinkies. She winked at him. They didn’t have to speak but were still communicating without words. Their connection is so strong that even though the Army has them separated by states, their bond allows them to communicate with just looks.

This was how our engagement session with Erin and Kyle started. We met a local Starbucks to warm up for our Christmas Session (even though it was 60* out) and they didn’t speak while they sat with their coffee; just held hands and talked through smiles and looks. Their love was radiating and you couldn’t help but feel their joy and be joyous as well.

Erin and Kyle, we loved spending this time with you and Brian loves that you love his jokes! Your love bubble is infectious and everyone around you feels that joy and love because it is overwhelming (in a great way!). We are so excited for your wedding this summer and can’t wait to feel that love bubble again 🙂

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  1. Deepa says:

    Absolutely inspirational and beautiful story of a coming of age love story! May Kyle and Erin’s love blossom in the hearts of the general population and how dare the army separate these two beautiful souls. Her kind smile and his firm handshake really resonated with me and I will be soon returning to this blog post! Excellent work and may the happy couple experience 100 more years of happiness.

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